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Having a Fan Club So Overrate

Author: angelronin
Title:: Having a Fan Club So Overrate
Rating: Teen

“Harada-sempai you will help me with this,” Ask a young lady. “Sure Hanako-san I help your project,” Chie study the pictures and seeing Hanako corner of her eye. “You sure look pretty today. I bet you guys falling all over you.” She gives a sly grin. “You got talent and good eye for detail,”

“T-Thank you Harada-sempai for looking over it,” Hanako is blushing from Chie’s gaze. “I should be going now,” Then she left.

After both Chie and Aoi enter college last year, Chie become popular with the ladies at Fuka University. Even have her own fan club and guys asking her some advice how to attract women as they think her as their personal inspiration for confidence.

“Chie-chan you’re not busy with anything at the moment?” Ask Aoi. Chie is smiling at her girlfriend and be please being with her. “No I just finish helping one of my juniors at Student Newspaper,”

Chie seeing her with a picnic basket and grinning like an idiot. “I see we are going have a picnic on this beautiful day,”

They went to the park and sat by the pond. “Chie-chan you’re enjoying yourself today.” Chie is too busy stuffing her face. “What you did say?” Ask Chie between bites. “Chie-chan you’d appreciate my cooking and the recipe from Mai-chan I done from scratch is hard made,” Aoi gave a cute pout.

Chie is laughing at her girlfriend. “Geez you think I won’t be grateful for loving you, Aoi.” Chie was giving Aoi an intimate kiss. “Like I knew you since junior high school when you was shy and kind-hearted girl I befriend with,”

Aoi is kissing her back. “Also you probably fall for my boyish charm and looks.” Aoi gave “Don’t be too full of yourself” look. “Oh I’ll punish you tonight, Chie.” Chie was smiling like person whom won the lottery.

After late afternoon class, Chie is preparing for evening studying at their apartment. Hanako came to her. “Um Harada-sempai I heard some rumors about you and Senou-san from your fan club,” Hanako was curious. Chie remembering the rumors went she was in high school as the gossip queen.

“Oh that true about us. We’re a couple dating since high school.” Chie is stating the fact.

“Harada-sempai I thought you know single and the way quarter the female student population fawning over you,” Hanako sound disappoint. “Well I tend to flirt but I’m extremely faithful to my girlfriend.” Chie sound a little serious.

“Oh I guess I don’t stand a chance against Senou-san.” Hanako felt a little deject. “I really like you and I hope you notice me in the student newspaper.” She is about to kiss Chie but she stopping her. “I understand your feelings kiddo but this Romeo is taken. I said earlier you’re pretty and guys are fighting over you,” Chie left Hanako.

“Another fan-girl I have turn down and this rate Aoi will flip and being more jealous the attention I’m recieving,”

Chie was thinking about the prospect of Aoi fighting off some club members for her girlfriend’s attention.

When Chie is entering their apartment she takes off her jacket and start raiding the fridge. “Chie I didn’t hear you came in,” Aoi say after leaving from the bathroom. “Oh I just got in over few minutes ago, Aoi.”

“Why you’re getting food from the refrigerator after we have a picnic?” Aoi is questioning her.

“I can’t study on an empty stomach you know. Beside you are a great cook Senou-san.”

“Don’t sweet talk me Harada-san. You won’t get any tonight.” Aoi is playfully teasing. “Oh Aoi-chan I am hurt by accusing me flirting with this most beautiful person on the planet,” Chie said mockingly.

Chie and Aoi start kissing slowly intensify at point which Aoi unbuttoning her shirt. “I guess you’re in the mood tonight.”

“Be quiet Chie-chan or I shall punish you,” Aoi said fiercely. “Oh my ecchi tenshi (Perverted Angel) I like the way you talk.”

Before Chie undo Aoi’s towel, the phone ring and ruining the mood. Chie spoke some colorful words.

“Moshi, Moshi? This is Harada Chie-san whom I speaking to?”

“Harada-san this Tate um I have a problem and situation kind weird. Shiho kind typing me up and now she went to convenience store buying something I think I don’t want knowing. Please me!” Tate sound desperate.

“Aoi-chan I think Tate in trouble and Shiho tying him up for kinky stuff.” Aoi raise an eyebrow and thinking Shiho isn’t capable of that.

“I hand to the girl for forward their relationship to next level.” Chie is thinking about asking Shiho some sex tips. “We’re busy now so call us later,”

“No, no please don’t hang up I need some-“

“Now we were at Aoi-chan? Ah I start getting the best sex ever tonight my lover,”

Later on after both have sex (Chie didn’t have chance to study oh well) “It great having your love one next to after intense lovemaking session.” Chie was in heaven. “Chie I wondering about our relationship you know where your fan club keep hitting on and that Hanako girl having crush on you,”

“Where you’re going at Aoi-chan? I hope our relationship isn’t on the rocks.” Chie is wondering. “I tend be playful but I never stray.”

“I not doubting on your faithfulness I kind jealous the way they paid attention to you and seem they don’t realize that I’m your girlfriend,”

Chie is momentary study her features. “What I say to them? Today I reject Hanako I’m aware her feelings toward me and told the truth about us. She probably understand in long run it a silly crush on her part,”

Aoi is amid in deep thought. “Chie you know time when we were at Fuka Academy and I had a major crush on you. At time you thought you were too cool for me?” Chie is slowly realizing where Aoi was going at.

“Once time I ask you on date and you turn me down because you’re afraid to ruin our friendship. I persist on and finally I kiss you front of the gym,” Chie have small smile for the memory. “You think it a silly crush for me pursuit you couple years of junior high school?”

“Well Aoi-chan I thought you were not interest in girls and I don’t want to hurt your feelings down the road,” Chie is stating her reasons.

“Don’t give me that. I know you too well for fall for it,” Aoi is staring at her. “But I still like you Chie-chan,” Aoi gently kiss Chie.

“We resolve our little problem,” Chie give a kiss to her forehead. “I feel go for another round of sex,” Chie one of her hands down on Aoi’s thigh. “Chie you never crease to amaze me,”

Next Morning both of them got dress (Chie is complaining for almost missing class due being exhausted from last night) and ate breakfast together.

“Harada-sempai, Harada-sempai come over here I want to speak to you,” Hanako was talking.

“Oh hello Hanako-san you want said something to me?” Chie ask. “It was about yesterday. I thought over what you said to and never considerate about your girlfriend. Also confuse my emotions of infatuation with love. You’ll accept apology?”

“I accept your apology, Hanako-san. Oh here is my girlfriend Senou Aoi-san.” Both shake their hands. “Hi Chie talked about you last night and you’re part of Student Newspaper I am right?”

“You’re right Senou-sempai and Harada-sempai compliment my being the best photographer in the paper,” Said Hanako beaming with pride.

“I see you good with what you do. Chie also said you’ve knack for taking pictures with keen eye,” Aoi express fondness of Hanako’s talents. “Good luck with the paper, Hanako.”

“Chie-chan she seem a nice person and have good impression on me,” Aoi comment. “Well I told her she look pretty and guys probably falling over themselves for her,”

Aoi stop and watch at Chie. “Why you did to that poor girl,” Aoi shooting ice diggers. “It just a compliment for Hanako you know, Aoi-chan.” Chie try explaining sheepishly. “It doesn’t matter Chie-chan that you’re flirting toward her but please don’t get your fan club any ideas,”

Aoi grabs her arms and walk toward their class.

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