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Title: Haru(Spring)
Pairing: Chie/Aoi
Rating: PG for now
Disclaimer: The characters of Mai-Hime doesn't belong to me and I'm not tend making any profit from it but my original character Haruki does belong to me

X-post 30_kisses, shesnutsnow

On her first day of new school at Fuka Academy, Aoi is adjusting living away from home and feeling nervous about making first impressions on her new classmates.

While she wander on campus looking for the class room where she is assign to Aoi walk into somebody.

“Oh excuse I’m so sorry bump into you. I trying find my way around this place it so confusing.” Say Aoi sheepishly.

“Oh I don’t mind the company I just observing some students for some juicy gossip. I forget to tell my name is Harada Chie and what yours cute girl?” Ask Chie.

“My name is Senoh Aoi and I start attend today and can’t find the building where I have attending class.”

“I know where at right over there to your left. The class should start about few minutes now.”

Aoi hurry up to her class before the homeroom teacher arrives there. After she made it to the room she is patiently waiting for the teacher.

“Hello class we have a new student who attending our wonderful Fuka Academy, Senoh Aoi whom from Hiraizumi.”

Aoi felt a little timid at blackboard to giving details about her likes, dislikes, her hobbies.

After a few minutes plus she explain what part prefecture she from, her family and what expect from learning her class.

Aoi sat down the sit she assigns to by the teacher. After few classes from her room lunch came to and Aoi start eating on field.

“Hello Aoi how classes like?” Chie is asking her. “Well is little hard for me and the teachers a tad boring but I interest in rumors around school and gossip. I taking pictures with my cell phone that my hobby.”

“Why you’re telling me this? I just only start here.”

“You seem an interesting person and cute I add it. Mean you not part of Fujino harem yet and she already has couple of junior high school girls part of her harem. She has air of some elegance about her and has odd seduction quality around her.” Chie was thinking about something.

“She has own harem with some girls in it?” Aoi is confused. “I never heard a girl having her own harem involving other girls. She could be a lesbian?”

“Well that subjective and we never know yet but it common for high school girls have crushes on other girls. Beside most girls will find boyfriends before graduating.”

Aoi was a midst in deep thought and Chie broke her concentration. “We better hurry up before we giving in trouble for missing the bell.

For rest of day Aoi is thinking about what Chie has said and the reasons why girls liking girls. She never have a crush on everyone plus the concept of being one not in her mind.

Few hours went past and start settling in her room when somebody came into the room. “Oh you are my new roommate. Please forgive my rudeness my name is Koizumi Haruki I’m 3rd year attending Fuka Academy and what is your name?” Aoi is a bit mesmerized by her new roommate looks.

“It Seoh Aoi and this is my first day sempai.” Say Aoi timidly. “I have get use living away from home.”

“Aoi don’t be too formal around me I don’t like use formalities you could call me Haruki-san, Aoi-chan.”

“Haruki-san I glad I met my roommate today.” Say Aoi cheerful. “You ever heard about Fujino Shizuru-san and her harem?”

“Well there some girls have some massive crushes on her and there some fights over whom going join Tea Club where she’s part of.”

“They have fights over her? She’s that popular? Aoi is wondering. I never see her once and girls having fights for getting her attention.

“She from Kyoto and rumor has it that she from very wealthy family with tradition Japanese background.” Say Haruki. “Also her parents have big connections to the school so they sent her to attend at Fuka Academy.”

Aoi thought on her opinions of Shizuru and thinking back about lunch that she talks to Chie.

A couple days pass for Aoi whom finally adjust to living on the campus and starting hanging with Chie. Anything seems good for her and some boys starting liking her. While her mind on cloud nine she bumps somebody. “Excuse me for bump into you I should pay attend what I am looking.” Aoi offer an apology.

“Where you be careful where you headed. You also seems have good fortune recently and you’re a junior high student? Oh forget to introduce myself Fujino Shizuru 3rd year class 2-5. My parents taught me some manners and politely introduce yourself to any situations.”

“You are the one everyone was talking about for past couple days and the harem that you had.”

“Where that true they’re part of my little fan club but popularity is little shallow for me but there one person I’m interest in she just look like either a fragile flower need some gentleness or rose with thorns keep people from touching her. I almost forget to ask about your name.”

“Senoh Aoi, Fujino-sempai and thanks clear some misunderstanding over perceive of you.”

“Oh that pleasant name and I see are happy about something. Well time for me to leave.” Shizuru left.

Aoi have better impression about Shizuru over past few minutes than first couple of days.

During their lunch break both Chie and Aoi are watching the clouds in the sky.

“Hey Aoi that look like a squirrel with a bushy tail. Over there that cloud look like airplane.”

“Today I bump into Fujino-sempai and she seems a nice person. Also she interest someone but I don’t the person name.”

Chie is briefly distracted by moment before replying. “I heard through grapevine that new person transfer here recently that she an orphan and her parents died in car crash few years ago. Now with money came from accident she’s living in the dorm by herself. Her name is Kuga Natsuki.”

Aoi start to worry and thought of her meeting with Shizuru today. “She did mention that she is either a fragile flower or a rose with thorns.”

Chie took her glasses to order think. Aoi is checking on her features. If Chie was a boy Aoi will probably kiss her. She caught herself thinking about kissing Chie she knew both of them are girls.

“Hey tell about your morning classes today I’m dying to know.” Chie change the subject. This snaps Aoi back to reality.

“Honestly today just a blur to me and the teachers they’re all right to me.” Aoi is trying not looking up at Chie. “Oh no I go back to class soon!”

“Bye Aoi and I’ll see you later sometime.” Aoi ran toward the building.

At night Aoi was doing some homework but she struggle with her concentration and thinking about today meeting up Shizuru plus she start thinking of Chie. Her cheeks rose with crimson for thinking of sort thought.

“Aoi-chan are you ok? You seem sick you did have a fever?” Haruki was have some concern for Aoi’s well-bring.

“Oh I so sorry I didn’t hear you entering the room.” She tries covering her mortified embarrassment. “I have hard time concentrate my homework tonight.” She’s lying. “These math problems are hard especially geometry.”

“Aoi-chan this is social studies you have and you biting on the pencil hard.”

Aoi caught what subconsciously she doing. She’s nervous and getting distract by thinking of Chie. This is a schoolgirl crush on another person even they are the same gender. Her mind is wandering on Chie’s boyish looks and her eyes that got her attention plus her lips are begging to be kiss. Aoi blink a few time to regain her composure.

“Hello is everyone there? You have that far off expression.” Haruki is waving her hands in front of Aoi.

“Excuse me Haruki-san I’m sorry not paid attend to you. I got something on my mind.”

“Oh someone in your class have a crush on you. Tell what he look like? Haruki is starting asking questions about Aoi’s love life to her cringing.

“Honestly I don’t know my own feelings and it kind complicate. I still haven’t figured anything about love.” Haruki raise one of her eyebrows.

“Well like this person as a childish crush or you simply haven’t discovered the romance and the pain of love in one day but now just enjoy your childhood years.”

Aoi thought over what Haruki have said before calling a night.

Next few days went in blur for Aoi while uncertain with her emotions for her new founded best friend Chie. After school she wanders into forest area of the school and finds herself staring at the sky.

“Why I keep thinking about Chie? Honestly she’s a very interesting person and knowing school gossip from inside-out.” Aoi is musing on her thoughts

Before she continues, she stumbles along the path and finding herself watching Chie distance with curiosity held her.

She observe Chie whom asleep and amend she did look cute. As if her body moves it own as she inch closer to Chie and mere inches to her face. Without thinking she kiss her and few second later Chie wake up and find Aoi kissing her. At first she thought she was dreaming until subconsciously wrap her arms around her body and return the favor.

Aoi thought she was in dreamlike state she’ll probably woke up by alarm clock and deny again of this fantasy. Her first kiss she share to another girl and confusing and conflicting emotions rose within her to threaten this experience. In panic Aoi push off Chie and ran back to the dorms.

She tries figuring it simple act of infatuate or something deeper. Aoi only knew what mean to fall in love. The perspective she found about herself still questioning her sexuality. Aoi is sorting out the confusing emotions battling within her.

Haruki is watching Aoi at her bed and wondering what happened. “What up Aoi-chan what’s the problem? You doesn’t look like yourself today.”

“Well everything okay I have a bad day. Tomorrow will be better for me.”

“Please cut the bull crap I sense something you don’t want talk about Aoi-chan.”

Aoi is scare at Haruki for telling that she kissed Chie couple hours ago. Also she struggle with her newfound sexuality.

“I hope you don’t be mad at me. I kiss Chie today and with several different emotions I’m dealing with plus I don’t know this is love or infatuation from school girl crush.”

Haruki start to laugh. “Why you think this is funny?” Aoi sound furious. “Well starter you kiss Harada Chie the school gossip queen who probably starting rumors you being her girlfriend she can quite heartbreaker with female student body.”

Aoi see disturb by way Haruki descript Chie. “But she seems a cool person and very interesting person also well-inform about the school and…”

“You got caught by one of her spells Aoi-chan.” Haruki is grinning. “She has some boyish charms and if she was born as a boy you will fall her quickly.”

“Why you are telling me this? You think some game playing me with. I don’t like my emotions being toying with.”

“Geez Aoi-chan I just only looking out for you and Chie isn’t a bad person.” Aoi starting feel bad. “Haruki-san I am sorry I still figure out I like girls or not. I want talk to Chie sometime later on.”

A few days after the kiss both Aoi and Chie hang their usual spot. “Chie I need talk you about something and please be honest to me.”

“Aoi what you want talk about? I’m all ears. It a rumor?”

“Chie no it about us and the way we-“Chie put her forefinger to Aoi’s lips. “I figure you go there and yes I enjoy it.” In rare moment Chie look serious. “Forget to pursue me it stupid schoolgirl crush at the end your heart will be broken.”

“Aoi is staring at Chie stun. Hearing her dismiss what happened between the two and felt her first kiss mean less. She grab on her head and kissing her with full force. After seems an eternity went pass Aoi broke off the kiss. “How that gossip queen.”

Chie is wordless when Aoi went back to her dorm building. A blossoming feeling rose up between the two girls.

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