bordersline_mod (bordersline_mod) wrote in chiexaoi,

Multi-fandom RPG

I hope I'm not spamming, though in all technicality I am advertising...but anywho...
there is a multi-fandom yuri rpg starting up called Border's Line, it's vaguely based off of Vampire Knights' Cross Academy, a school where the non-magical and magical coexist....sort of.

There is a day class and a night class like in vampire knights, but the night class can be anyone with obvious magic powers, or not obvious magic powers. The only rule for that is if you are human with no magic, you cannot be in the night class, but if you are a human with no obvious powers, then you may be admitted into the day class on a case by case basis. There is an executive committee, Mai-HiME style, and they keep the day class from mingling too much with the night class and make sure all of the 'odd things' that happen are kept under wraps.

Right now we have a Natsuki and have some app's for Shizuru, but I was hoping to snag a bit more from the Mai-HiME perhaps a Chie and Aoi!  So hopefully there will be some interest from this community, and again if I'm spamming I apologize

Border's Line Link
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